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We currently have 2 children (Girl age 10 and Boy age 9) taking lessons and plan on beginning another hopefully in the near future.  Ms. Cheryl is incredibly patient and thoroughly encouraging of our children.  Never once have I heard her utter a cross word or sharp correction.  If correction is needed it is always in a very kind and understanding way.  While one student is doing their lesson with her the other is encouraged to continue skill-building on the iPad or other handy tools she has available.  A great way to learn is also to teach, and she has taken the time to help my 9 yr old son learn how to teach his 6 year old sister at home.  It is thoroughly enjoyable to see him taking the skills he has learned from her, and instructing his sister once he gets home from his own lesson.  She has even lent him beginner books to work with her on at home.  The recital she puts on each year is top shelf and we are so proud that our children can learn from her.  Would highly recommend Ms. Cheryl to any parent willing to put in the effort of encouraging their child to learn piano.

Rhianon Kimmel

The Pastors' feel that Ms. Cheryl is one of the most patient, encouraging, creative, and experienced piano instructors.  Both our children, Taylor (16 years) and Brendan (11 years) have enjoyed learning their lessons with Cheryl for approximately 7 years.  We are very pleased with their continued progress and will highly recommend her for anyone wanting to learn to play beautiful music.


My girls have been taking piano lessons from Cheryl for only a few months but it is already apparent that she is a very good fit for us.  We were taking group lessons from another studio but my 12 year old wasn’t happy there and progress was very slow.  I decided to switch piano teachers and I am very happy that we have found Cheryl.  I can’t believe how quickly my girls are progressing and they even practice without being asked.  They seem to respond very well to her calm and encouraging style of teaching.  I love that she gives them every tool possible to be successful including strategies for learning to play the piano, such as ways to achieve better muscle memory in their fingers.  I love the atmosphere here as well.  As a mom who stays while my girls take lessons, I always have a comfortable place to sit and feel like I am at home.


Cheryl Wiker has been teaching our boys piano for over 7 years. She is clearly a very knowledgeable piano instructor, but even more importantly, she is truly gifted in the way she works with children. She has firm expectations, but expresses those expectations in a very loving and caring way. She knows when to push and when to let up. I questioned whether it was a good idea to start our younger son with piano when he was in preschool. With any other instructor, this probably would have been a problem. But Cheryl has an amazing ability to tailor her instruction to meet the developmental needs of children of all ages. I've actually learned a lot about how to be a better parent from watching her over the years!


After 2 years and 3 teachers, we finally found the perfect fit for our 8 year old daughter. She learned more from Ms. Cheryl in the first month than in the 2 previous years combined with other teachers. She loves piano now, can sit down at any piano and knock out a tune, and actually looks forward to her lessons. And it's not just because of the "rewards table", which is a great incentive. Ms. Cheryl provides a comfortable and enjoyable learning environment for the student...and the parents!


Our 10 year old daughter has been taking lessons from Cheryl for four years and our 7 year old son started just last year. Both kids have had a wonderful experience learning piano from Cheryl and they are proud of their own abilities. Cheryl provides a very nurturing environment for learning.  She finds creative ways to keep them motivated and enthused, and if they ever become frustrated or discouraged she helps them to see that her job is to make playing the piano easy for them. I can’t say enough about the wonderful qualities I see in Cheryl and her devotion to teaching piano to kids.


Ms. Cheryl is clearly one of the most child-centered, nurturing, and supportive teachers across all subjects of all time. She goes out of her way to provide the best teaching tools and resources to inspire her students to learn the fundamentals of music and piano playing. My 9-year-old son has been taking lessons from Ms. Cheryl for over five years. As parents, we have learned several effective strategies from her in order to support my son’s practice routine at home. I love how Ms. Cheryl made learning fun in my son’s lessons when he was four and five years old. As my son becomes older, I really like how Ms. Cheryl requires him to be accountable for his weekly assignment. I highly recommend Ms. Cheryl for students of all ages who would like to take their first step toward the world of piano playing, or who would like a teacher who is all about the student.


For more information or if you would like to book a private piano lesson please call Ms. Cheryl on 734-347-3621 or email

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