The following short article explains my personal philosophy, purpose and vision for sharing music with children!

I have been asked a few times what motivates someone to teach piano for 35 years?  Another thing I sometimes hear is, “You must enjoy teaching the older students more than the 5 and 6 year olds.”

The answer to both of these questions is found in the bigger picture or vision. It is this personal vision that became the catalyst for creating a program which would encourage children and parents to hang in there through the first few years to learn to read music well enough to experience the real goal.

So what is this bigger picture or vision? It can be summed up in one sentence. We all have a deep need to connect and communicate.

When we watch a movie, the script provides the first level of communication. But even the most eloquent words cannot move the heart like a piece of music can. It is always the underlying music in the movie which moves us to the deeper level of communication.

When a parent tells me, “My child has been playing that song all week long. They never seem to tire of playing it!” I know the child is experiencing the joy that comes from the depths of their own soul.  They are developing the ability to not only appreciate but to participate in this deeper level of communication as the music flows through their own fingers.

Laying the foundation in someone’s life for this deeper experience of communication makes teaching this instrument a lifetime passion.

Knowing that people will use it to feel the love, joy and beauty that resides in their own heart makes it fun. Knowing that some students will use it to help others experience this level within their souls through public performance makes it worthwhile. Knowing some students will use it to connect with their personal sense of the sacred through worship makes it a noble profession.

Every time a 5 or 6 year old sits on the bench in their first year, I receive as much joy as I do when working with the older students. I have seen so many students with no knowledge of the piano at all and in a few short years they are playing intermediate level music and have a repertoire of personal favorites that have struck a chord within their own hearts.  I see where that young child will be in a few years and that is what makes me even more passionate after 35 years than I was in my first 5 years.

I believe the private teacher will become even more valuable as we see so many music programs being cut from school budgets.

If you have managed to read this entire article about me I hope you leave the page knowing I am really all about you. 

That is the bigger picture and every parent that enrolls their children in The Ivory league Studio partners with me to enable their children to develop this ability to communicate beyond the world of reading and writing.


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